Lauhala Basket

I am a Polymer Clay Artist. The examples are polymer clay and the description of techniques are common terms used in working with polymer clay.

The silicon texture sheets do not need a release agent when used with polymer clay. The soft edges are wonderful for impressing smaller areas or working repeats.

Here is the Lauhala (or Pandanus, depending where you are from) with a light paint patina. 







It is the most even of the texture sheets and works well as a stamp.






 I was surprised with it's light texture, that it would mica shift as  dramatically.   







Here it is on a pen. The textured pens feel great.

I cover the pen kit tubes with polymer clay, insert a dowel in the tube, and roll the tube across the texture sheet. 

This same technique can be used for beads. Cover a baked base with raw clay, insert a wire through the bead and roll across the texture sheet.



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